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14-Piece Graphite Pencil Sketch Set

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This 14 piece graphite pencil sketch set will assist you on your way to learning how to draw!

* Having the right tools is the first step to being successful.
* This set includes graphite pencils of different grades including: (the hardest/ lightest) 6H
   4H 2H HB 1B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 10B 12B (the softest/ darkest).
* The different grades allow the drawer to create believable images that depict light and
* Without light and shadow we could not draw (or see) anything, so it is difficult to
   overstate the importance of this concept!
* The value scale consists of nine values ranging from white to black, with several shades of
   gray in between.
* These shades of gray make up the meat of a drawing, and help to create the illusion of
   depth and three-dimensionality.
* Mood, atmosphere, composition, and the believability of the image: they all rely on value. * If your value structure falls apart, so does your picture!
* This is how and why this 14-piece premium graphite pencil sketch set will assist you on
   your way to learning how to draw!
* Suitable for ALL: soon to be Artists' (adults and kids) &is a Great Gift!